Build robust graphical applications to

monitor and analyze building performance

The DGLux family of products help integrators create custom web applications for their customers who manage building performance, enabling them to analyze, monitor and control building data and analytics in a single, unified display.



1. Unified Interface

Aggregate multiple building systems into one visual dashboard for easy monitoring and analysis


2. Improved Building Performance

Graphically represent anomalies in building performance and identify optimization opportunities to drive savings and efficiency


3. Built for Connectivity

Leveraging DSA future-proofs your applications for new systems or IoT connections 


Download a free trial of DGLux for DSA, and see for yourself how easy it is to develop and deploy robust applications to monitor building performance.


Build Unique Applications

for Unique Buildings


Build web applications to analyze, monitor and control building data and analytics

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Build applications leveraging the Niagara building management framework

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Fast, templated facility application builder

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Our expert team will help bring your data and concepts to life

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