Easy to use application builder for facilities

Project Assist 2.0 for Facilities is a drag and drop application builder. It helps users create custom dashboard and control interfaces for building systems to gain complete insight into building performance and energy consumption. Built on DGLux5, it delivers a fast, simple and intuitive user experience, offering full flexibility and customization without writing any code or diving into the whole design and development environment of our flagship product, DGLux5.



Build your facility BMS interface in minutes

Project Assist gives you an unparalleled, full-featured drag and drop building experience, making your creation process extremely simple. Build stunning pieces of equipment with its remarkable suite of graphics, or customized views using templates for building, facility or manager view.


Create customized building management interfaces to gain insight into building performance and energy consumption.

Understand how buildings are behaving by creating a graphical view of temperature zones, lighting layers or any other data source. Visualize data in real time with the ability to access historical data for comparative performance and improvement measures.